This chapter introduces the most important concepts essential to integrating third-party software with Conreality games.

For game concepts essential to developing Conreality game scenarios, refer to the Conreality Game Development Kit (GDK) manual.



A Conreality master is a game server on the local network that hosts a game.


A Conreality client is a software library for connecting to and communicating with a Conreality master server. The Conreality SDKs for various supported programming languages each implement and provide a Conreality client.

A client implementation encapsulates the network protocol implementation, remote procedure calling (RPC), and authentication/authorization.

In another sense, each game participant (players, as well as smart assets such as robots and drones) is a client of the master server (as they each make use of a Conreality client software library).


If a player or smart asset wishes to participate in a game, he/she/it will make use of a client to establish an authenticated session with the master server. A login event begins a session, and a logout event terminates it.